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5 May 2015

Future spice

© Holy Lama Naturals
Remember those predictions of how our lives would be in the future?
Everyone would own a computer, travel around on hover boards and pop a pill for meal times. The first one they definitely got right, levitational transport is still maybe something they’re working on and thankfully we're all still eating real food. But some ingredients could do with a new approach to make them more convenient and easier to store.

© Holy Lama Naturals
The spice rack/cupboard is about to become more slimline as Holy Lama Naturals has created Spice Drops to make everything that little bit easier.
Instead of pots and jars of dusty spices there is a range of concentrated extracts in handy little bottles each with its own dropper for simple measuring.

Spice Drops are not artificial flavourings, they are made from real herbs and spices using a simple process to extract every single natural flavour and concentrate it.
We've been using some ourselves and have been impressed with the wonderful flavours and aromas and will be revealing our findings and
recipes soon.

© Holy Lama Naturals
Although we’re not suggesting that you chuck out all your powders, seeds and the like, we do recommend getting some Spice Drops in your life. They really come into their own for making some very interesting drinks/cocktails and adding some spark and creativity to your baking.

Being so versatile and simple to use with a long life as well as being ethically sourced and produced, Spice Drops are certainly looking like they should be an essential addition to every kitchen.

To find out more about Holy Lama Naturals visit their page on 
The Artisan Food Trail here

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