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20 May 2016

AFT Introducing: The Courtyard Dairy

Photos: © The Courtyard Dairy
The Courtyard Dairy was created with the ethos to sell only the best cheese available from the British Isles by Andy and Kathy Swinscoe.

Championing small independent farmers, The Courtyard Dairy stocks and supplies a carefully chosen range of unusual and exquisite cheeses, selected direct from individual farms. The selection process is very exacting and only cheese that is superior in quality and taste makes it onto their shelves.

They have an extremely knowledgeable background in the art of cheese maturing (affinage). It’s not just simply a case of letting cheese ripen – each cheese has its own special requirements, from the environment it is kept in, to its day-to-day care, such as turning, brushing and washing.
Once the cheeses have been selected from the farm, the whole of shop is specially equipped to mature cheese to its best.

The Courtyard Dairy sells unpasteurised cheese every day in their specialist shop near Settle, so when you buy cheese online (www.thecourtyarddairy.co.uk), each cheese will be cut fresh from the wheel the day before it is delivered direct to your door.

To find out more about The Courtyard Dairy visit their page on 
The Artisan Food Trail here

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