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26 July 2016

How to make things truly scrumptious

Photo: © childsdesign
Most things are good in their own right but have you noticed when they find a partner they become even better?
It’s like the best comic double acts where the two-way interaction is essential for it to work.

Photo: © Susannah's Sauces
The same principle can certainly be applied to flavours. When we first tasted a spoonful of Susannah’s Scrumptious Savoury Sauce from the jar, it was good, but somehow, there seemed to be something missing. Obviously we wanted to give a fair assessment of this handmade condiment so introduced it to a piece of juicy sirloin steak. They took to each other immediately and a perfect taste relationship was formed.

The warmth from the steak allowed the flavours in Susannah’s Scrumptious Savoury Sauce to be released and in combination, the meat was even more… yes, scrumptious!

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