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27 April 2016

A Blossoms Syrup fruit explosion

Photos: © Blossoms Syrup
Blossoms Syrup sent us an array of fruit syrups to test which have been keeping our taste buds occupied with a kaleidoscope of fruit flavours.
From vibrant berries through to tropical delights, Aude Dupont Dudley, of Blossoms Syrup has captured the concentrated essence and pure flavour of real fruit.

Aude says:
“They are best used in drinks, desserts and drizzled on anything that requires explosive fruit flavours. Try them for yourself and you will soon realise what you have been missing.”

We have to agree, and if you’ve ever tried a mass-produced ‘fruit’ ice cream syrup, it will simply pale in comparison to a Blossoms creation. Admittedly, a Blossoms syrup has a higher price tag, but a little goes a long way.

Aude sent us small samples of each (except for one in the 100ml bottle size) so although we don’t have quite enough for multiple recipes, we are able to try them out as drizzles to get the full effect of their flavour. Some we’re mixing into drinks or stirring into yogurt. We’re also thinking of pouring over homemade pancakes or waffles for a weekend breakfast.

So let’s go through them all…

The aroma is hay-like, almost herbal conjuring up memories of walking down a country lane on a late summer evening.
The flavour is rich and deep, almost savoury with hedgerow undertones.
Drizzle over some soft cheese slathered on a digestive biscuit and you’ll have instant cheesecake.

Wonderfully fragrant smell with a jammy, perfumed and tangy flavour.
There are definite floral notes much like violets.
It would be superb with anything chocolatey or creamy, maybe a white chocolate soufflé or mousse.

Think of how your hands smell after picking lots of strawberries. That is what instantly hits the nose with this syrup, taking you to summer afternoons.
Like the raspberry it’s fragrant and super jammy but with a hint of caramel and faint spiciness.
It would be good drizzled over other fruits such as melon or oranges.

Sour Cherry
Pleasingly, this syrup has a wonderful almond smell and on tasting we experienced a flavour explosion that is true to a luscious ripe cherry. Nice sour tang and a pleasant bitter, slightly tannic back note.
Cherry loves chocolate, of course, so how about putting some on a chocolate brownie? Or odd as it may seem, with coffee cake. For a savoury meets sweet moment, drizzle over goat’s cheese with walnuts.

A little wild plum that packs a punch, the Sloe Syrup has herbal aromas coupled with the deep flavour and perfect sourness you’d expect from a hedgerow fruit.
Seem obvious, but add to gin. Very handy when you don’t have sloe gin to hand, you can make it in an instant!

Even if you’re not a rhubarb lover, we think you may like this syrup. A sweet/sour sherbet-like combination with aromatic candied strawberry notes and the fruitiness of a cooking apple. Not bad for a vegetable stalk.
Being partial to a drink now and then, we may try a drop in some vodka. For a meaty moment this syrup would make a great glaze for roast lamb, ham or pork. You could Try Blossoms Syrup’s recipe for Sweet and Sour Chicken.
This is the sample that we received in a big bottle so look out for some of our recipes using it soon.

If like us you’re not fond of the abundance of pips in a pomegranate, this syrup has all the flavour but none of the offending seeds.
With a good tang and a slightly dry, tannic finish it would lend itself to a number of Middle Eastern influenced dishes.

We were really hoping that this would be good and not vague in the flavour department. On the first taste our expectations were met with a fresh burst of tropical sunshine, ripe perfume and resinous qualities of the perfect mango.
We reckon a splash of this in salsas will have your barbecue guests coming back for more.

Passion Fruit
Yes we know it’s passionfruit, but it does smell of grapefruit. Just like the pomegranate it’s so much nicer without the seeds (in our opinion) so this syrup is just perfect.
The flavour is deep, fresh and zingy with a sherbet tang that makes your cheeks tingle.
A crisp, chewy meringue, some thick cream with passionfruit syrup spooned over is just gorgeous.

This has a great smell of a freshly cut pineapple and the flavour is ‘wow!’ Remembering what fresh pineapple actually tastes like, this did not disappoint. It’s juicy, tangy slightly boozy (but without the alcohol) and like the best sweets you’ve ever tasted.
It could work with savoury foods, although we won’t attempt to pair it with cheese, 70s style. Pork, ham, bacon, now there’s something to consider.

With true intense flavours like these it's no wonder top class bartenders love them and having a high fruit content, they’re a mixologists dream.

We are pleased to award Blossoms Syrup our 'Artisan Food Trail Approved' status for their: 

Blackcurrant Syrup
Raspberry Syrup
Strawberry Syrup
Sour Cherry Syrup
Sloe Syrup
Rhubarb Syrup
Pomegranate Syrup
Mango Syrup
Passion Fruit Syrup
Pineapple Syrup

To find out more about Blossoms Syrup visit their page on 
The Artisan Food Trail here.

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