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29 August 2016

The authentic taste of Mauritius

Photo: © childsdesign
Curry powder should be an essential store cupboard ingredient in any
spice lovers home as it can be used in a multitude of dishes for adding
some quick zing.
However if you’re looking to make a decent curry you do need a top notch curry powder that delivers all the complex and fragrant flavours of the spices.

Ragini’s make a particularly special blend. Made in the UK, their recipe has its roots firmly in Mauritius and if you’ve been fortunate enough to spend time in Mauritius and tasted the wonderful food there, that experience can be recreated at home using Ragini’s Mauritian Curry Powder.

Ragini’s kindly sent us two of their 100g packs to try (along with a couple of their recipe sheets) and we have been cooking some of Ragini’s own recipes plus experimenting with a few of our own too.
It is evident, from the aroma alone, that the spices are very fresh. The smell is rich and musky from the cumin, followed by the sweet perfume of cinnamon, cloves and cardamom.
Everything is finely ground for a super smooth finish to a curry sauce – no fibres, sticks or husks!

Having been impressed by the smell, we put it to the taste test and made Ragini’s Chicken Curry (Cari Poule). Our cooking filled the kitchen with a heady aroma and had us in eager anticipation of eating it. After a tantalising forty minutes or so, the curry was served and we could dig in.

The Mauritian curry is subtle in heat and as stated on the pack, the curry powder is ‘medium’ having just the right amount of chilli tickle. The overall flavour is exceptional, full of earthy cumin savouriness, accompanied by sweet, woody cinnamon and cloves. Hints of nutty citrus from coriander seeds, light aromatic almost floral notes of cardamom, warm black pepper and a tinge of turmeric all combine to create a truly comforting and delicious meal.

We are pleased to award Ragini's our 'Artisan Food Trail Approved' status for their Mauritian Curry Powder (Medium).

To find out more about Ragini's visit their page on 
The Artisan Food Trail here.

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