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4 October 2016

Does this herby mayonnaise live up to its name?

Photo: © Susannah's Sauces
You need to be pretty confident to call one of your own products ‘tasty’, after all, taste can be a very subjective thing when it comes to food.
We took Susannah’s Sauces at their word and gave their Tasty Tarragon Mayonnaise a try to see whether it really does live up to its name.

The mayonnaise is rich and creamy and perfectly spoonable and little flecks of green tarragon look enticing.
Susannah’s Sauces use free range egg yolk and also add some cream, no doubt this contributes to the texture.
The smell was as you’d expect from a good mayonnaise, although there didn’t seem to be much of a herby aroma from the tarragon. However, this turned out not to be disappointing on tasting.

The flavour is rich yet light with just the right amount of acidity. The aniseed-like flavour of the tarragon combines with the good quality olive oil for a fresh almost grassy flavour.

We concluded that Susannah’s Sauces Tasty Tarragon Mayonnaise is indeed ‘tasty’. Added to hard boiled eggs for an egg mayonnaise sandwich it certainly banishes boring lunches and the tarragon marries so well with chicken, steak or fish.
Be naughty and dip some crispy chips into it or make our tasty chicken, fennel and apple salad (recipe coming soon).

We are pleased to award Susannah's Sauces our 'Artisan Food Trail Approved' status for their Tasty Tarragon Mayonnaise.

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