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31 May 2012

Introducing the first of our industry experts to The Artisan Food Trail: Dietitian UK

Priya Tew of Dietitian UK
As The Artisan Food Trail continues to grow, we are always looking for ways to add value to our services and to keep spreading good messages about food.
Back in March we were fortunate enough to be invited to Theo Paphitis’s SBS Event which turned out to be a valuable networking opportunity. All attending winners were gathered in one place giving everyone a chance to talk to each other about their businesses and discuss the potential of working together.

We met Priya Tew, a registered dietitian. As a mum and lover of all things foodie she was very interested in what The Artisan Food Trail does and after chatting for a while we could both see there was a good deal of synergy between us.

Anyway the good news is, that as a result of the meeting, Priya will be working with us to provide insightful advice and information. Priya is passionate about helping people to discover good quality food and to show them how healthy eating is not just tasty but vitally important and we look forward to her contribution to The Artisan Food Trail blog.

Priya runs her own nutrition consultancy business, Dietitian UK which allows her to advise people on food, talk about food, cook up new recipes and then eat great food too.
So what else does her work involve? “I don’t just work with individual patients – in fact that is the smallest part of my work – but I work with food companies”, states Priya.
She is the dietitian for a couple of companies and in this capacity she writes blog posts, articles, advises on their products and labelling and answers questions from customers.
Priya adds, “Having a quote from a dietitian means you have a quote from a true food expert that can be used to promote your product, their reputation is linked to you.
Dietitians have a legally protected title which means you can rest assured that they practise correctly, otherwise they can have their title removed. All the advice they give has to be evidence based, backed up by sound science.”

In the past she has been involved in PR campaigns for big brands, written meals plans and nutritional literature used to promote new products and worked on roadshows, given talks and even served breakfast at the European Parliament to promote certain cereals.

How does Priya see her approach fitting in with The Artisan Food Trail? “Local produce, quality ingredients and supporting UK producers are high up my list of priorities too. We have some amazing products in the UK that need shouting about. I can help do this.”

As well as being a professional, Priya is also a mum and values the importance of family mealtimes, she says, “As a mum I’m always conscious of what I feed my family and I can often be found in the kitchen playing around with new ingredients or combining old favourites in tempting ways. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, that’s just the joy of cooking!”

Priya will be looking through the current producers on the Artisan Food Trail website and doing some blog posts in the next few months which we’re sure will inspire you.

In the meantime please visit www.Dietitianuk.co.uk

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