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11 March 2014

Casseroled Chuck Steak in a Rich Sauce

Photo: © childsdesign
This casserole has a real depth of flavour, the gravy is rich and delicious and contains what may sound like an odd ingredient but the anchovies really do add something extra. Unless you're allergic to fish, don't leave them out and even if you think you don't like anchovies, we promise you that you'd never know they were there. They break down completely to impart a special savoury element to the dish.

Rather than cut the carrots into small dice we chose to keep them chunky to add more interest both visually and texturally.
We served ours with potato and celeriac mash with a spoonful of wholegrain mustard stirred in.
A good hunk of crusty bread would also go well.

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Photo: © childsdesign

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