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9 April 2015

Chicken & Spinach Curry

Photo: © childsdesign
This is a mildly spiced Indian curry – don't be fooled by the amount of chilli powder used here as it is the Kashmiri variety. Kashmiri chilli is a lot milder than regular chilli powder with a gentle warmth and sweet earthy notes.
If you don't have any you could use paprika instead with a dash of
cayenne pepper.
We have a good spice supplier on The Artisan Food Trail; Spice Kitchen that sells online so there shouldn't be any trouble in
obtaining it.

As we said, this curry is not hot but rather more aromatic with a degree of warmth coming from the garam masala (we used the Spice Kitchen blend). The generous amount of spinach used creates a silky texture with rich flavour.
Serve simply either with basmati rice or chapattis or naan breads.

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