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12 September 2011

Theo Paphitis selects The Artisan Food Trail

Last night we decided to enter Theo Paphitis's Twitter competition called Small Business Sunday. Those of you who watch Dragons' Den will know Theo and his ability to spot a good business, so we were very excited when we found out that we'd been selected as one of the six winners by him.

Our tweet retweeted by Theo Paphitis
It's a very simple process and if you run a small business and are on Twitter, we strongly recommend you have a go.
The competition runs each Sunday evening from 5pm – 7.30pm. Just send a tweet to Theo Paphitis describing what your business does, include a link to your website and add the #sbs.
You can enter as many times as you like, so if you're not successful the first time, then try again the following week. It is very simple, but important that you can describe exactly what you do in a concise way that will attract the Dragon's attention. Imagine you are doing your pitch but you don't have much time to deliver it. It's what's known as an elevator pitch.

As soon as the time is up, Theo hand picks his favourites and retweets them. Theo has a lot of followers, the last time we looked it was well over 164,500, so imagine all the people that get to see his retweet. That's a vast amount of free advertising and publicity for you.

We experienced the full power of Twitter as congratulations flooded in like a joyful tidal wave. Throngs of new followers filled our inbox, which took us most of this morning to clear and we have had more inquiries from food producers wanting to join the food trail, plus the hits on our website increased.
Last night was proof that social media is an extremely powerful tool. One small action can generate a huge positive reaction.

Although we are basking in the glow of having been chosen by a very influential person, the best thing about it, is that all of our listed producers have been shown to so many more people.
It's amazing what that one tweet did and we hope that now we're reaching an even wider audience, it benefits our producers too.


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