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13 January 2012

Shake Up Your Wake Up! for Farmhouse Breakfast Week – 22-28 January 2012

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Despite well-meaning family members and friends telling us that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, there are people that still miss the value of breakfast.

When you think about it, it has probably been at least 10-12 hours since you last ate, as soon as the alarm clock bleeps. That's quite a long time to go without food, after all if this amount had passed during the day with an empty stomach, most of us would be famished and flopping about.

Thankfully Farmhouse Breakfast Week is just around the corner and from
22 – 28 January 2012, the awareness event will be endeavouring to change our thinking and get us all into the habit of eating a good breakfast. 'Shake Up Your Wake Up!' is the campaign’s motto.

All stages of the food chain, from farmers to food producers and retailers to consumers are being encouraged to hold events to promote the importance of starting the day with breakfast and to celebrate the wealth of wonderful breakfast produce available around the country.
Over the week, The Artisan Food Trail would like to introduce you to a variety of producers offering some of the greatest British produce which will make your breakfast time something to look forward to.

There's so many things besides boring cereal or dry toast and the campaign website has lots of lovely recipe ideas for exciting daybreak treats. We’ll be featuring some of those recipe ideas on our blog with suggestions of where you can find great ingredients fit for a king.

For more information about Farmhouse Breakfast Week visit www.shakeupyourwakeup.com

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