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12 August 2015

Pitch to the Experts for legal help

The Artisan Food Trail has put together a panel of experts that could help you get that ‘leg-up’ with your food business.
Pitch to the Experts is a competition where the winning food business will receive up to a total of £10,000 worth of expert advice and help from the 10 members of the panel.

We’d like to introduce each of the panel members individually to give you a better understanding of their businesses and how they could help you.
There are also details of the prize they are offering to the Pitch to the Experts winner.

Today we introduce Roythornes, one of the UK’s leading field-to-fork legal companies…

It’s a common ‘flaw’ with food businesses that they often get so tied up with their products that the all-important paperwork gets left behind.

Agreements are sometimes made on a handshake, and payment terms verbally agreed. This is fine for many in the early stages, but when problems arise, it’s the paperwork that needs to be the first port of call.

For over 85 years Roythornes has been involved in the food business. From our origins helping farmers in the heart of Lincolnshire we now act for some of the largest food businesses in the UK on a wide range of issues.

We often get asked “What does a lawyer have to do with the food sector?” and in fact there are many ways in which we can help. Perhaps the best way to highlight this is to ask yourself a few questions:

  • When was the last time you reviewed your terms of business (assuming you have some)? Do they reflect what you actually do as a business and do they protect you should things not go to plan?
  • If you employ staff, have you given them the correct documentation such as contacts of employment and are you confident they include the key points?
  • Are your debtors under control? If you have customers who are not paying you may want to consider getting some help to persuade them you are serious about collecting your money.
  • If you are speaking to possible outlets, what do you have in place to make sure they don’t take your idea and produce it themselves, or get someone cheaper to make it?

These are all real business issues that affect the profit in your pocket, and they are all areas where a lawyer can help.

Our Food team has a wealth of experience helping food businesses maximise their opportunities. From entrepreneurial start-ups to manufacturers with products in every shop in the high street it’s about taking a commercial approach in a fast moving and innovative sector.

The Prize
Roythornes Food and Drink team will undertake a full of review the paperwork of the winning business and recommend any changes that need to be made to ensure they are ‘fit for growth’. For example.

  • Is the business structure suited to its current trading position? Another structure could offer more protection, or be more tax efficient.
  • Does the business have written terms and conditions and if so how well do they reflect the way the company actually operates?
  • Is their credit control process watertight and how well are they managing their debtors? There’s no point selling products of you don’t get paid!

It’s an opportunity to get the ‘back-room’ sorted so that you can continue to focus on developing your great products.

Web: http://www.roythorne.co.uk/site/sectors/food-and-drink-solicitors/
Email: Martin Jinks – martinjinks@roythornes.co.uk
Tel: 01775 842500
Twitter: @roythornes_food

For more information about the Pitch to the Experts competition read our article where you will also find the links to submit your pitch to win up to £10,000 worth of help and advice for your food business.

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