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20 August 2015

Make way for new superfruit jujube! – Tg Green Teas launches new hot and iced teas

Tg Green Teas, a new brand of hot and iced teas will ‘officially’ launch from stand 4468 at the Speciality & Fine Food Fair, Olympia, London: 6th – 8th September 2015.

The brand won a gold star for two of its hot blends – Green Tea and Green Tea with Jujube & Osmanthus.

Hua and Sophia, co-founders of the new London-based beverage company Tg Green Teas are very pleased to have been awarded the gold stars, saying,
“One of the most exciting aspects of our win is the discovery by the Great Taste Award judges of a delicious new superfruit”

So, just what is Jujube?
Tg Green Teas explain:
  • Jujube fruit or Chinese red date (hong zao 红枣) – pronounced “joo-joob” – has been cultivated in China for more than 4,000 years
  • Jujubes taste of sweet plums
  • Considered the ‘King of Vitamin C’, Jujubes have been used over centuries to help enhance health and vitality in so many ways it’s earned the title of ‘superfruit’ across Asia
  • Collagen-rich ‘beauty drinks’ don’t do much for you apart from loading you up with more sugar as the collagen in the drink will never reach the skin but be broken down in the stomach as more energy – better to consume food & drink naturally containing vitamin C and drink lots of water
  • We say ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’. The Chinese say ‘three jujubes a day keeps the medicine man at bay’

Tg are urging consumers to banish stale bags of bitter green tea dust and say no to pricey plant sap or high sugar drinks. This is Tg. Hot and iced green tea as it’s meant to be – smart! sassy! social! and full of delicious goodness just right at mealtime or anytime pick-me-up. Inspired by ancient wellness traditions from the Middle Kingdom, designed and developed in London.

Hua and Sophia look forward to welcoming you into the refreshingly delicious world of Tg Green Teas  Available soon in the USA, the Middle East, and in food and drink shops right here in the UK. In the meantime, you can try their hot and iced green teas via their e-shop shop.drinktg.com or Amazon (UK) before the rest of the UK begins to discover them. You’ll always be able to say to your friends “I tried them before you”.

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