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13 August 2015

Pitch to the Experts for mentoring and training

The Artisan Food Trail has put together a panel of experts that could help you get that ‘leg-up’ with your food business.
Pitch to the Experts is a competition where the winning food business will receive up to a total of £10,000 worth of expert advice and help from the 10 members of the panel.

We’d like to introduce each of the panel members individually to give you a better understanding of their businesses and how they could help you.
There are also details of the prize they are offering to the Pitch to the Experts winner.

Today we introduce The Sales Masters Guild, helping businesses to create wealth …

As founder of the Sales Masters Guild and co-founder/owner of Gladleys Courtyard Brasserie in North Hertfordshire, John Kettley has a special passion for owner operator businesses whose focus is in the food industry, particularly those businesses that are founded on a passion for providing something that the mass producers simply cannot offer, which is why John and his team are looking forward to working with the Artisan Food Trail to help food businesses flourish and thrive at this year's Food Entrepreneur Show.

The Sales Masters Guild was founded in 2009 by John F Kettley, to help turn around and make profitable the tens of thousands of struggling owner operator businesses across the UK that were and are being let down by the banks, government and national 'business organisations'.

The sad fact is, '80% of businesses fail in their first five years of trading' and of those that do survive, 80% of these never go on to actually achieve their goal of being a high-income business.

The main reason for this appalling set of statistics, being that all to often the business owner (while being an expert at what it is that they do), has simply never studied 'HOW' to build a high-income business; they've never learnt how to develop a brand and market that brand to the right niche market sector, nor have they learned how to create a value proposition that has clients lining up at the door to buy their services.

This is why the Project Blueprint program was born i.e. to share the formula for a business that works, teaching business owners through mediums that work for them at a price that absolutely anyone in business can afford, let that be through reading the book, listening to the audio book version, studying the on-line video tutorial course, attending live mentored course seminars or personal 1-2-1 mentoring with a qualified SMG mentor.

Now six years later, the business mentors of the Guild have trained and helped thousands of business owners to stop struggling and turn their businesses into high-income generating businesses that create both wealth and the work-life balance they were originally set up to achieve.

The book 'How To Build A Business That Creates Wealth' by John Kettley is available through Amazon in digital, paperback and audio formats, the on-line video tutorial course containing over 50 individual elements is available at www.salesmastersguild.com where business owners can find a vast amount of free tutorials, downloadable resources and dates for upcoming seminars to help them learn the essentials needed to create a high-income business.

The Prize

  • A full review of their sales and marketing strategy from their business plan
  • A written report reviewing areas that need focus and recommendations
  • Two places at the two day Business and Sales Foundation workshop course
  • A free copy of John F Kettley's book 'How To Build A Business That Creates Wealth'
  • One year's access to the Sales Masters Guild on-line business growth course

Web: www.salesmastersguild.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Sales-Masters-Guild/350972714913289?fref=ts
Twitter: @JohnFKettley
Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/johnkettley
Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+JohnKettley/posts
You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/user/SalesmastersGuild/videos

For more information about the Pitch to the Experts competition read our article where you will also find the links to submit your pitch to win up to £10,000 worth of help and advice for your food business.

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