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20 January 2011

Take a sneaky peek at our forthcoming website

Building a website can take a long time, not just the techie stuff, but the planning and decision making about how it should be, can take a very long time.

You have an idea and you sort of know what you want the end result to be, but the bits in between are so, so important. Just establishing what food categories we wanted was more difficult than we'd anticipated.
It's amazing how the things that you think would be very obvious, suddenly take much more thought.
What we did learn, was that a plan is required and it has to be stuck to.

Our website is a directory that allows people to use a search to find their favourite producers or simply their food of choice. They can be as particular as they like or they can just browse around the categories discovering producers.

We wanted the producers to have their own pages on our site, an individual page, so that they are separated out of a list. We have The Artisan Food Trail template that applies to all producers – this is to create uniformity and user-friendliness – but each producer page can be colour matched to their own identities.

We have already had a lot of interest from producers, wanting to become part of The Artisan Food Trail, and we hope the website will continue to grow.

Not long now, until our full website is live and on the internet for all.
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