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21 February 2014

Ricotta Pancakes with Marinated Blood Oranges

Photo: © childsdesign

Pancake Day is only just a round the corner so we thought it about time we included a recipe from the AFT Kitchen to try on the day.
These pancakes are perhaps a little different from the usual in that they contain ricotta cheese and the way they are prepared produces a very light and fluffy result.

Taking inspiration from the traditional citrus accompaniment and crepe suzette we chose to serve them with marinated oranges. We managed to pick up some delicious blood oranges which are not only gloriously coloured but also have a good intense tangy flavour.
We enhanced the flavours further with the addition of Orange & Mace Vinegar from Womersley Fruit & Herb Vinegars which gave a little fragrant spiciness.

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20 February 2014

Approved: Womersley’s Orange & Mace Vinegar

Photo: © childsdesign
Sometimes we wonder what we did before we had the pleasure of using flavoured vinegars in our cooking. Working with several producers on The Artisan Food Trail has introduced us to some interesting fruit infused vinegars all of which are individual in their own right.

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We are pleased to award Womersley Fruit & Herb Vinegars our 'Artisan Food Trail Approved' status for their Orange & Mace Vinegar.

To find out more about Womersley Fruit & Herb Vinegars visit their page on The Artisan Food Trail here.

2 February 2014

Get In The Mood™ specialist gourmet coffee range from The House of Coffee

The House of Coffee has created an original range of coffee called ‘Get in the Mood™’ which currently consists of six recipes.
Each blend or speciality bean has been specifically created/sourced to reflect a different tasting experience or ‘mood’.
Coupled with an animal character and a relevant action to reflect that mood, the fresh gourmet coffee has ‘personality’ and provides a delicious and memorable drinking experience.
100% pure coffee with no additives & naturally high in antioxidants, the coffee is ethically sourced, roasted and blended in the United Kingdom by The House of Coffee and partners.

Drink Coffee and Be Happy
The caffeine in coffee has been shown to improve alertness and concentration as well as physical performance. So for health and everyday productivity, whether at home, at work or in the gym, The House of Coffee suggests that coffee should always be on the menu.
For further reading and to review research references, please see the article on The House of Coffee blog


I’m the panda who doesn't judge!

“If you've had a bit of a night out and getting out of bed is a struggle, you need a cup of my fresh coffee.
It's deliciously rounded with a smooth richness and promises to wake you up warmly and gently.”

About this coffee:
100% natural with no additives, Partied Out Panda is a delightful, blend of high quality Arabica beans which creates a smooth coffee with low acidity and a medium body. Suitable for cafetière and filter.


I’m the hamster who keeps you going

“If you’ve got loads to do and haven’t got time to stop, you’ll enjoy my invigorating coffee which will keep you lively all day long!”

About this coffee:

100% natural with no additives, Hectic Hamster is a light original blend of high quality Arabica beans which makes a crisp coffee with slight fruity, citrus tones. Suitable for cafetière and filter.


I’m the baboon who inspires change

“If you’ve been longing to try something new but just want a push, you need some of my superb no-nonsense coffee which will take you by the scruff of the neck and help get you out there!”

About this coffee:
100% natural with no additives, Intrepid Baboon is a wonderful blend of Arabica coffee beans which are rich and full flavoured mixed with 10% high quality Robusta for that special ‘bite’. This dark Italian roast makes a great crema and has a delightful aroma. Suitable for espresso.


I’m the dog who gives you space

“If you are looking for a quiet moment, you will enjoy the company of my mellow and light coffee. It’s smooth tasting and gentle to drink so you can totally relax whilst you savour the flavour.”

About this coffee:

100% natural with no additives, Easy Dog is a lightly roasted original blend of high quality Arabica beans which makes a mellow, chocolaty smooth coffee with no acidity. Suitable for cafetière and filter.


I’m the cat who knows how to spoil you

“If you wish to feel special and properly pampered, my exceptional, speciality coffee is just what you deserve.”

About this coffee:

100% natural with no additives, Fancy Cat is a meticulously prepared Peaberry coffee called Doi Chaang from the highlands in Thailand. Grown organically and certified by USDA this coffee has a very clean taste with ripe citrus and roasted nut tones. Suitable for cafetière and filter.


I’m the raccoon who helps you reach your goal

“If you want to be more dynamic and push yourself a little harder, my coffee will give you that kick you might need to become outstanding.”

About this coffee:

100% natural with no additives, Brilliant Racoon is an impactful caffeine-rich coffee, which if drunk 30-60 minutes before training or exercise, will give you a pure boost that can help with your performance. An original blend of high quality Arabica beans makes a magnificent, balanced and rounded cup. Suitable for cafetière and filter.

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To celebrate this special range, The House of Coffee have a great offer too.

Buy any 2 bags of coffee from the GET IN THE MOOD™ specialist gourmet coffee range and The House of Coffee will send you taster samples of the other four blends to try!  Offer ends 28th February 2014.
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