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1 August 2011

Getting a kick out of British chillies

As August (hopefully) hots up, British chillies are at their seasonal peak
with growers' greenhouses and polytunnels full to bursting with the ripening fiery fruits. There are numerous festivals throughout the month celebrating the chilli's flavour and versatility, including Felbrigg Hall in Norfolk (3 August), West Dean in Sussex (5-7 August) and Benington in Hertfordshire
(28-29 August) giving visitors the opportunity to try chilli in a variety of foods and drink.

All these festivals are great fun, but have you ever wanted to get up close and find out how the chillies are grown?
Edible Ornamentals run tours around their award winning nursery based in Bedfordshire giving people a real insight in to how it's all done plus there's plenty of excitement and goodies to be had too.

The fully escorted tour covers everything you'd want to know about the piquant peppers from culinary inspiration and cooking tips, growing advice, history and culture to learning about their natural health benefits.

Are you brave enough to try the hottest chilli?
Edible Ornamentals grow a diverse range of chilli peppers from the mild to the ragingly hot, so whether you're an appreciator of taste or a hardened chilli head there's something for everyone. Are you brave enough to try the hottest chilli? Then take the challenge!

Joanna Plumb
The on site commercial kitchen is open to explore where the sauces and preserves are made using chillies picked fresh from the farm. Fresh chillies can be sampled so you can decide on which ones to pick to take home. There's also a chance to taste the delicious range of gourmet sauces, if you want to find out which ones you'd like to buy.

Chilli Tour & Tasting for Two is bookable through 
Virgin Experience Days – see website

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