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18 June 2012

BBC Food & Farming Awards 2012

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Nominations are now open for the BBC Food & Farming Awards 2012. For the thirteenth year running the awards will be celebrating the lives of the unsung heroes of the food world.

The annual search begins again to seek out the best in British food.
Not only does the food have to taste good but it needs to be the food that’s changing the country and us for the better, even though we’re right in the middle of the recession.
The awards will be looking for food that’s reviving towns, creating fulfilling jobs, boosting the economy, involving people in the food system, preserving what’s local and helping to teach our children the pleasures and value of food – all of the things that The Artisan Food Trail supports.

Farmers, cooks, market traders, food and drink producers and retailers are all in the running – but people who help us change the way we think about food are also being considered, so writers, campaigners, bloggers and broadcasters are also celebrated by the awards.

Award-winning chef Angela Hartnett launched this year's BBC Food & Farming Awards in a special edition of BBC Radio 4’s The Food Programme (click here to listen) on Sunday 17th June. She made an appeal to the British public to celebrate food in their local areas by nominating the most deserving.

Angela says: 

“The Awards this year are more important than ever. We’re in the thick of a recession and money is tight and it’s a tough time to be in business. After decades of decline and having among the world’s worst reputation for food, we now manage to produce some of the best you can find. But this progress is fragile and is now at risk of being lost if we don’t shout about what we have.
We need to celebrate the people making a difference in food and drink.”

Sheila Dillon, judge and presenter of The Food Programme on 
BBC Radio 4, says: 

“These Awards are like a barometer of British food; they’re a great guide to what’s happening across the UK.
Each year we receive more nominations and I can’t wait to see who we meet, and what we get to taste this year.”

There are nine categories as follows:
Best Food Market
Best Street Food or Takeaway
Best Food Producer
Best Drinks Producer
Best Local Food Retailer
Best Big Food Idea
BBC Farmer of the Year
Best 'Dinner Lady' / Public Caterer
The Derek Cooper Award

The panel of judges who will decide the shortlist and winners of the BBC Radio 4 Food and Farming Awards 2012 based on your nominations:
Angela Hartnett
Valentine Warner
Adam Henson
Arthur Potts Dawson
Victoria Moore
Pete Brown
Charles Campion
Christine Tacon
Helen Crawley
Kath Dalmeny
Sheila Dillon
Simon Parkes

Your nominations are important to us

The Artisan Food Trail would like to ask you to consider the people/businesses on the food trail and include one or some of them in
your nominations.
Each and every one has such pride and passion for what they do. They make amazing food, share their knowledge and are seriously making a difference to the face of British food.

Maybe you think The Artisan Food Trail is also a worthy contender?
We’ll leave that to you.

The BBC Food & Farming Awards are open for nominations from 17th June 2012 and close on 12th August 2012.

For further information on the awards and to make your nomination
please visit

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