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6 May 2013

Brand new website launches for Alan Coxon’s Historic Food Range

Buying Alan Coxon’s historic food range has become easier since the launch of a dedicated website foodbyalancoxon.com.

A few months ago, Alan Coxon got in touch with us at The Artisan Food Trail to ask whether we’d be able to create a website for him which would allow him to sell his products more effectively.

Visitors to our website will notice that we have various offerings to assist our members, one of those being website services. The Artisan Food Trail works with experts to ensure that it can achieve the best results according to budget and this is where Building Websites For Business comes in.

Consisting of three key people, one of whom is Graham Childs who is not only joint founder of The Artisan Food Trail but also a director and the design/creative member of the team. He is responsible for the look of the website, creating a strong brand identity. Steve Ramsey handles the technical side, making sure the website is set up to be found easily on the web and is Google friendly (it’s a lot more complicated than we make it sound!) Dawn Mimnagh is the copywriter. Her role is to create readable, grammatically correct text that is accurate as well as interesting and informative.

But enough about the behind the scenes stuff, the best part is that the foodbyalancoxon.com website is live, it’s looking good and ready to take orders. Each product is proudly displayed on the front page; Ale-Gar©®, Ancient Greek Vinaigre©®, Roman Vinaigre©® and Macadamia Nut Oil with a click-through to ‘buy now’ or you can go to the shop area.

For some culinary insight, Alan Coxon, shares some of his recipes, using the historic food range, in a special section which gives you plenty of ideas on how to use them. Overall, the look of the website is modern with a traditional twist, echoing the roots of inspiration behind Alan Coxon’s historic food range.

Bringing a taste of the past to the kitchens of the present.

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