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23 January 2014

Earl Grey Butter Biscuits

Photo: © childsdesign
It's amazing how so few ingredients can go towards making such a delicious treat and these butter biscuits are very easy to make. No need to worry about having lots of space to roll out dough, as these biscuits require such a simple method to shape them. Just by pressing a fork on the dough to flatten them, gives a good shape with a pleasing ridged pattern on top – perfect for catching the sugar crystals for added crunch.

We must stress that it is important to use a good quality Earl Grey tea. You may have noticed that cheap Earl Grey tea (especially the stuff in tea bags) contains little white flecks. These are artificial flavouring pellets which will not give a great finished result.
Good quality loose leaf tea is fragranced with real Bergamot oil which is essential for a good biscuit and a cuppa of course.

These little biscuits are a fitting partner to be enjoyed with afternoon tea or coffee or as part of a dessert with ice cream and a fruit compote.
They have good keeping qualities and will remain crispy when stored in an airtight container. We dare you to see just how long they last, that's if you don't succumb to their irresistible butteriness too soon!

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