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4 March 2014

Win a place on a Fruit & Vegetable Summer Workshop

Photo: © Roots Shoots & Leaves

There's nothing more satisfying than growing your own fruit and vegetables. Whether you have some allotment space, a plot in the garden or just a few tubs, you can grow great things to eat. You really can't beat something picked from from the plant or dug from the ground for freshness and above all, flavour.

So if you're looking for something inspiring and educational and would like to learn how to sow, plant and grow your very own fruit and vegetable garden, we are pleased to offer this opportunity to win a place on Roots Shoots & Leaves' Fruit & Vegetable Summer Workshop.

In this summer course (Saturday 26th April 2014) from RSL, learn how to keep your edible food growing. Looking at summer month crops and what to sow in the next few months to give you a continuous crop of edibles.

RSL will look at seed sowing and how successional sowing ensures you do not suffer from large gluts of any one vegetable but can plan for continuous cropping.

Also covered are weeds and pests and how to control them organically. RSL also share with you old family recipes of herbal teas and concoctions to make for your garden that will feed your plants, deter pests and increase the bio-diversity of your garden.

Sorry this competition has now closed

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