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23 April 2014

We're celebrating St George's Day and Great British Beef Week

Photo: © childsdesign

Happy St George's Day… and it's Great British Beef Week!
So what better way to celebrate than with the finest meat from our AFT producers.

Try some delicious traditional and rare breed beef from:

Paganum Produce in the Yorkshire Dales
Paganum Produce is a small artisan butchery & charcuterie based at Church End Farm near Malham in the Yorkshire Dales. With five generations of butchery, curing and farming experience.

The Blackface Meat Company in Scotland for their four year old ‘aged’ Galloway Beef
A family business, rearing Galloway cattle and Blackface sheep on their farm in the South West of Scotland.
All animals feed on a totally natural diet ensuring tender, richly aromatic and savoury meat.

The Beefsmith in South Norfolk for their Red Ruby Devon Beef (one of the oldest native breeds in the UK)
The cattle roam acres of pasture year-round and are allowed to mature over 24 months ensuring the art of slow maturing enriches every bite with sumptuous fuller flavour.

Pilkington Farms (Offley Hoo) in Hertfordshire for their Longhorn Beef
Passionate about the production of quality meat and many of their methods meet or exceed organic standards. The animals are totally free range and graze in the traditional parkland and rolling hillsides of the eastern edge of the Chilterns.

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