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22 October 2014

Mixing it up with Mexican Sweet Chilli

Photo: © childsdesign
Nuts are the perfect snack or accompaniment to a drink and as much as we like good old roasted peanuts, they can be quite boring.
That's where Mr Filbert’s comes in to perk up the taste buds with something more exciting. Those peanuts were feeling a little lonely so some cashews and almonds have joined them at the party with a dash of spice to liven things up.

© Mr Filbert's
These Mexican Sweet Chilli Mixed Nuts are the business where flavour and texture is concerned. With three different types of nuts, there are varying levels of crunch as well as taste.
Mr Filbert's have come up with the exact balance of salt and sweet, a whiff of garlic and warm smoky tones of chipotle chilli to make the nuts really special.

No need to worry about any strange additives as the flavours are all completely real and natural
which also makes this snack dairy and gluten free too.

We are pleased to award Mr Filbert's our 'Artisan Food Trail Approved' status for their Mexican Sweet Chilli Mixed Nuts.

To find out more about Filbert's Fine Foods visit their page on The Artisan Food Trail here.

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