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22 June 2015

20 Ways with Pesto (other than pasta)

Everyone knows pesto is perfect with pasta but did you know that you can do so much more with it?
Here are just 20 ideas to liven up your meals and the list could go on…

  1. Mix into minced meat to make meatballs or burgers
  2. Use as a pizza sauce instead of tomato
  3. Mix with mayonnaise and spread on to sandwiches
  4. Pesto butter – mix with softened butter
  5. Stir into mashed potatoes
  6. Add to seafood such as mussels
  7. Great with steamed green/runner beans
  8. Perfect with peas and pancetta
  9. Add to potato salad
  10. Tasty topping for grilled chicken
  11. Add to scrambled eggs
  12. Make a dip – add pesto to mayonnaise and crème fraîche with some capers, lemon zest and juice and mix well
  13. Stir into soups, tomato is particularly good
  14. Add some to a frittata or omelette
  15. Add to hummous
  16. Rub over chicken before roasting
  17. Bake into bread
  18. Mix into salad dressing
  19. Toss hot vegetables in it
  20. Spread on bruschetta

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