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20 January 2016

Delectable Pecan Brittle and Almond Bark from Fudge Kitchen

(left to right) Chantelle, Harley and Sophie hand rolling caramel for Pecan Turtles 
at Fudge Kitchen’s Kent production facility.
Along with their handmade premium fudge and their unique wholesale gourmet butter fudge, Fudge Kitchen has now branched out into other sugar confectionery products.
Still using traditional methods and only top notch, authentic, natural ingredients they have added the Delectables range of brittles and caramels.

Following their successful Peanut Brittle, Fruit Caramels and Pecan Turtles, Fudge Kitchen have now introduced Almond Bark and a Pecan Brittle both produced with Fudge Kitchen’s style and commitment to producing the best, with a twist.

MD Sian Holt explains: 
“Our caramels are smooth and soft: some chew, but still melting; and our brittles are thin with a deep caramel undertone and that vital crunch.”

Still hand made in small batches by an artisan staff, beautifully packaged and hand decorated, all five Delectables are the perfect gift for a host, a coffee morning contribution or, as a deceptively affordable luxury in a growing self-gifting market.

Pecan Brittle
True to the Delectables theme of perfect texture and taste, the salty, savoury crunch of buttery pecan within the sweet snap of brittle, hand stretched on marble counters, is a superlative combination.

Almond Bark
A gourmand’s Daim bar, here the rich butteriness of hand rolled sea salted caramel is shot through with dense strata of crunchy fresh almonds, all covered with a thick layer of smooth milk chocolate. This bark just gets better with every bite.

To find out more about Fudge Kitchen visit their page on 
The Artisan Food Trail here

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