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21 March 2011

Savouring Our Bacon

There's nothing more seductive than the smell of sizzling bacon, the aroma evocative of lazy Sunday mornings has been enough for some vegetarians to return to the pleasures of the porky flesh.

This week the air will be filled with the sweet smoky wafts as we celebrate Bacon Connoisseurs' Week. Whether it's streaky, middle or back we'll be making sure only British Pork hits the frying pan, even better if it is a full flavoured rare or native breed like Gloucester Old Spot, British Saddleback, Berkshire or Tamworth. A slow growing happy pig makes for a better rasher too, preferably dry cured and smoked for depth and a nice amount of fat to gently crisp up.

Karen Nethercott of Samphire rears British Saddleback pigs on her Norfolk smallholding. The pigs run free outside leading a perfectly contented life. We have seen for ourselves what makes Karen's pork taste so great. Time, space and lots of love go into the care of her pigs which makes us appreciate every mouthful.
Food photo: ©childsdesign 2011

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