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14 May 2012

The Artisan Food Trail featured in The Green Parent magazine

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The Artisan Food Trail has been attracting some welcome attention recently and we're pleased that we've been featured in the June/July issue of The Green Parent magazine.

Catherine Mack, has written a lovely piece about The Artisan Food Trail, highlighting the importance of buying locally sourced food when taking a holiday. In her regular column on green travel she also mentions AFT member Cardona & Son, the family-run producer of rare breed pork.

Catherine sums up,
"The site is just one year old, but growing as quickly as our summer vegetables. Methinks this one will just keep self-seeding its way to sustainable perfection."

Being in The Green Parent is just the start of our media presence, so expect to be seeing The Artisan Food Trail appearing in more places soon.

The Green Parent is available to purchase through WH Smiths, M&S, Waitrose, Sainsburys, Boots, newsagents and health food stores.

You can follow Catherine on Twitter @catherinemack and her blog ethicaltraveller.co.uk

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