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11 October 2012

Food lovers guide to National Curry Week

Curry is undeniably a favourite dish in Britain, so just as well it’s National Curry Week!
We’ve been busy rummaging through the food trail finding all the things to bring you the perfect curry experience.


For those who like to experiment with exotic ingredients then take a look at can be found at The Artisan Smokehouse. for a wide range of spices. They are available to buy online here

Of course chillies are a vital part to any curry and you can find a variety of dried ones from the mild to the very hot from Capsicana Chilli Co
Although the chillies are from Mexico they are very suitable for giving your curries a real depth of flavour as well as a kick. Available to buy online here

If you prefer to use fresh chillies, Edible Ornamentals grow and sell direct from their nursery in Bedfordshire. The chillies are available when in season, so it is wise to check with them first to see what they have.


Everyone likes some chutney on the side, great with poppadums, onion bhajis and pakoras these two from Fancy That From Wharfedale would be perfect accompaniments.

If you like some spice in your chutney the Hot Bengal Chutney is exotic and fruity with the sizzle of chilli flakes. Your can order direct from their website here

The obvious partner to a curry is mango chutney. Mand’s Marvellous Mango Chutney is spicy and sweet, also available to buy online here


For some snacks with a spicy twist we have Filbert’s Fine Foods who make two exotic and fragrantly flavoured nut and seed mixes.

Perhaps not Indian in influence Zanzibar Nuts & Seeds contain African flavours but still have a spice combination to please including coconut, ginger and cinnamon. You can buy online here

Kasbah Spiced Almonds are a taste of Morocco with fiery Harissa, mint and garlic. They are available to buy online here


What better way to end a meal than with a cup of tea. The Kandula Tea Company have a range of handpicked teas from Sri Lanka. For a true taste of India, try Ebony Chai Tea which has a unique combination of aromatic Ceylon spices, including star anise, cardamom, cloves, ginger, cinnamon and rose petals, to create an exotic whole spiced Chai. Available to buy online here


Thanks to our members including producers and chefs, we have lots of recipes for you to try from curries to Indian-inspired dishes.

Recipes from Alan Coxon

Recipes from Capsicana

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