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12 October 2012

Food lovers guide to Chocolate Week

Even we didn’t realise just how much chocolatey loveliness was on our food trail and now after delving deep we’ve found some pretty amazing stuff there and want to share it with you.

Well it is Chocolate Week! 


Who can resist a gooey chocolate brownie? Well we know certainly can’t. The ones from #brownies have our full approval The brownies are not available to buy online but a visit to their website gives a list of outlets and markets where you find them.

Whether you’re looking for a delectable tea time treat or need a fully bespoke celebration cake, Honeysuckle Cakes can satisfy your needs.
Chocolate Brownie Buy online here
Strawberry & Chocolate Chip Muffin Buy online here

Not everyone can eat gluten so Monkeypoodle Cake Company comes to the rescue with their totally gluten free creations.
Triple Chocolate Cupcake
White Chocolate & Raspberry Cupcake
Monkeypoodle Chocolate Brownies
Chocolate Cheesecake Brownies
White Chocolate & Cranberry Cookies
You can buy them all online here

For cakes like you make at home – that means no nasty ingredients – Nutty Tarts Gifts & Goodies make an array of delicious ‘real cakes’.
Black Dog Chocolate Beer Cake Buy online here
Chocolate Biscuit Cake Buy online here
Chocolate Brownies Buy online here
A gluten free version is available here
Chocolate Pecan Cake Buy online here
Nutty Chocolate Brownies Buy online here

As well as making the finest pork sausages and pies, Samphire also have a nice line in sweet treats too
Chocolate Tiffin Buy online here


If cake doesn’t quite hit the spot, you might like to indulge in a slab of Fudge Kitchen’s gloriously creamy fudge.
Choose from these wonderful chocolatey flavours.
Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt Buy online here
After Dinner Mint Buy online here
Belgian Chocolate Swirl Buy online here
Double Trouble Buy online here
Chocolate Classic Buy online here
Chocolate & Orange Buy online here
Chocolate Caramel Fudge Buy online here

Ice Cream

All of the ice creams on The Artisan Food Trail are lovingly hand made using British milk and cream, so for something cool, creamy and chocolatey you’ll surely be spoilt for choice.

Simply Ice Cream
Divine Chocolate More info here
Stockist info here


For the best tasting cakes and home made confections Mortimer Chocolate Company make a variety of chocolate powders which can bought online here
And we mustn't forget the melt and dip chocolate which you can either melt in the oven or on the barbecue. Find out more about The BBQ Chocolate Fondue and Melt and Dip Chocolate Pot here


Thanks to our members including producers and chefs, we have lots of recipes for you to try. There’s something for everyone whether you like your chocolate light and creamy or devilishly dark.

Recipes from Alan Coxon

  • White Chocolate Panna Cotta with Saffron, Cinnamon and Cardamom served with a chilli chocolate sauce View recipe
  • Chocolate and Amaretti Torte View recipe
  • Double Chocolate Tarte View recipe
  • Divine Chocolate Birthday Cake with Raspberry Ganache View recipe
  • Dark Chocolate Fondant View recipe
  • Chocolate Mousse with Hot Chocolate Casserole View recipe
  • Alan’s Gooey Fair Trade Chocolate Brownies View recipe

Recipe from Fudge Kitchen

Recipes from Mortimer Chocolate Company
These two recipes have been tried and tested in the AFT Kitchen and we can highly recommend them. They taste good, are simple to make and importantly, indulgent.

There are lots more recipes on Mortimer’s website here

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