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8 October 2013

One artisan to another: Creating UsableART™

A slightly unusual collaboration has given birth, or perhaps a whole new lease of life to something as simple as a piece of packaging.
For those of you who’ve purchase any of Alan Coxon’s historic vinegars have no doubt admired the stylish bottles that they come in. It seems such a shame to throw them away when they look and feel so good on the table.

Alan Coxon was inspired to take this a little further knowing that his customers carried on enjoying the bottles putting them to other uses around the home.

When Alan brought out his vinegars he wanted a bottle that evoked the product within, so he set about designing the bottle with a solid feel, had curvaceousness in the hand and a practical application.

He has now teamed up the artist RaRa Jane to produce unique UsableART™ pieces.
The artworks found on the bottles are all one-off individual images, all hand-printed and painted by artist RaRa Jane, who also incorporates silver leaf to add a touch of elegance. RaRa Jane uses the latest techniques and every bottle undergoes a three-day handmade process.

The bottles are real conversational pieces in the home, adding colour and individual art to some everyday areas.
They are not only beautifully useful in the kitchen, but also look great in the bathroom filled with bubble bath, shampoo, in the window with a few elegant flowers or transforming the evening by adding a touch of romance with a candle.

The bottles are presented in silk-lined gift boxes and come with a certificate of authenticity signed by artist RaRa Jane and Alan Coxon offering a stunning unique gift. If you are looking for something more bespoke then your own specific images or art can be applied on to the bottle.

We think the UsableART™ bottle designs are truly stunning and would make fantastic presents.

Please visit the shop to order your UsableART™
You can also order bespoke designs from the shop too.

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