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14 June 2016

Hibiscus Lily jellies for juicy lamb

Photo: © childsdesign
Even the best grilled meat needs a good accompaniment either to enhance, counterbalance or complement it. Sweet, spicy and tangy flavours are always a welcome addition, particularly the jellies from Hibiscus Lily.

Our lamb steaks* were rich and tender but were further improved with a tangy, fragrant Pomegranate Jelly with Rose Petals* which we used as a glaze towards the end of the cooking time. Just add a few teaspoons to the pan and use to coat the meat before serving.
The jelly has a slight tartness and subtle perfume bringing an exotic flavour of the middle east.

We served ours with a herby tabbouleh and creamy labneh with a generous dollop of Hibiscus Lily’s gloriously sticky Hot Chilli Jam* for added kick.

We are pleased to award Hibiscus Lily our 'Artisan Food Trail Approved' status for 

their Pomegranate Jelly with Rose Petals and 

Hot Chilli Jam.

To find out more about Hibiscus Lily visit their page on 
The Artisan Food Trail here.

* Notes on ingredients                                                                                            

Hibiscus Lily's jellies can be bought online from their website:
Buy Pomegranate Jelly with Rose Petals and Hot Chilli Jam

For a selection of lamb, when in season, take look at:

The Blackface Meat Company and buy online
Town End Farm Shop and buy online or visit the shop in person
Briggs' Shetland Lamb and buy online

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