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18 September 2011

Sweet Majesty: Fudge Kitchen

Photo © childsdesign

Back in 1983, Fudge Kitchen, then known as Jim Garrahy’s Fudge Kitchen, started making fudge. They later shortened their name to just Fudge Kitchen as that’s what many of their customers referred to them as. It’s the same fudge but with a simpler moniker.

Fudge doesn’t originate from Devon or Cornwall, as many people might think, but was in fact ‘born’ at a women’s college in Virginia, USA.
A college lecturer was taking a class in toffee making when the temperature of the mixture was not taken high enough and the end product was called ‘fudge', which is why the use of the word ‘fudge’ means a mistake or error.
Fudge Kitchen is very much a British company but they are inspired by the US recipe, dating back to 1830, making the fudge, for the past 25 years, by hand on huge marble slabs.

The American-style slab fudge is made using whipping cream instead of butter, giving a creamy soft texture and distinctive flavour.
All fudge is freshly made and sold at shops in Bath, York, Cambridge, Canterbury, Windsor, Edinburgh and Oxford. A visit to one of the shops gives an opportunity to try a free sample and catch one of the unique fudge making demonstrations where the fudge mixture is poured out on to a marble slab and artfully worked as it cools and sets. Finally the pool of fudge is hand crafted into a big log that is cut into generously thick slices.

Fudge Kitchen also run experience days for people wanting to have a go at making some fudge for themselves. They are taken throughout the whole fudge making process by an expert and then get to take home a fudge selection box.

Visit Fudge Kitchen on The Artisan Food Trail here

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