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2 October 2011

Safe and Sound: The RedCat Partnership

Any one working in the food industry, no matter how small, has to meet certain standards of hygiene and food handling in order to sell to the public. So to round off our celebration of British Food Fortnight we thought it right to acknowledge the people who make it their business to support artisan food producers, by making sure they have the necessary training and certification.

The RedCat Partnership is Sarah Daniels and Richard Mills who each have over 20 years experience in these fields of work. Their route into The RedCat Partnership is through the world of environmental health; both are Chartered Environmental Health Practitioners. This enforcement experience gives them a wide understanding of the variety and diversity of business sectors, business needs, organisational cultures, etc.

They hold their business values very highly, but most importantly focus on what the customer wants. Health and safety is about protecting people, not generating paperwork.

It’s vitally important that food businesses comply with Food Safety law and although it can cost businesses in money, time and effort, but working safely provides them with tangible business benefits. Quickly realised are the decreased risk of Food Poisoning, decreased damage loss to their reputations through complaints, a compliant premises, less hassle with the council EHO's and hopefully a Five Star Rating and therefore confidence with customers. The benefits go further than this.

Engaging employees in the Food safety process earns increased buy-in, leading to increased motivation and therefore productivity. A cornerstone of motivation is to demonstrate that they are actually concerned for Food Safety, and ensuring that their staff have a safe place to work and their customers, safe food.

The RedCat Partnership are highly skilled and experienced Food (and health and safety) consultants – they are all from an Environmental Health background.
They are effective not only in developing food safety strategies and ensuring compliance (policies, HACCP etc.) but also in implementation. They can also liaise with Enforcement Officers.

Food Safety Training is delivered by enthusiastic, experienced and professional trainers with lots of interaction and activity.
They are passionate about food and about food safety – giving businesses pragmatic and sensible advice.

Vist The RedCat Partnership on The Artisan Food Trail here

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