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31 July 2012

The Artisan Food Trail in the palm of your hand – Download our iPhone app today!

Our phone app has been around for a while now, but for those who haven't yet heard about it, we thought we'd let you know how you can carry The Artisan Food Trail everywhere you go.

It's simple, it's easy to download and it's free!

Okay, it might not generate quirky sound effects, whirly moving graphics or recreate the battle sequence from Star Wars with lasers and light sabres but it is packed full of information about the best of British artisan food producers, which is what we hoped you'd expect.

The Artisan Food Trail app feeds you with the latest news, views and general food chat from our sources:
Our Twitter
Our Facebook
Our Blog
Our website is readily available
and for the business minded, you can access our LinkedIn company page

Isn't modern technology brilliant?
You can stay in touch with The Artisan Food Trail from anywhere!
Discover real food today and download yours now

AFT iPhone App*
Now you can keep up to date with the latest news from The Artisan Food Trail on your iPhone – and best of all it's completely FREE.
When we publish something new about any of our producers, it'll appear in the news stream the next time you use the app. You'll also receive image updates, app screen changes and exclusive offers.

The Artisan Food Trail app lets you keep up to date with the latest news about new producers, events, shows, recipes and more, Just hit 'more' at the end of every news post and you'll be taken straight to our blog for the full information, reviews, pictures and links.

We'll be constantly changing these to give you snippets of info about our producers, events and as time goes on we hope to be able to offer some special offers that will only be available through the app via limited time codes sent straight to your iPhone

A bit about The Artisan Food Trail and all the links you'll need to find us anywhere online or to email us.

Why not share The Artisan Food Trail with your friends and colleagues?
Perhaps you know of a producer that might like to be included in the website so that more people get to know about their great produce. You can share our app with them simply by emailing or sending an SMS from within the app.
Share us or follow us on twitter and follow us on Facebook and if you're business minded, visit our company page on LinkedIn – all with just the tap of the screen.

If you need to contact us, all our details are included.

To download our app directly to your iPhone click here
You'll need to enter your email address or iPhone number to be sent your FREE app download.

* In downloading the AFT iPhone app you are agreeing that The Artisan Food Trail and any of their partners are not liable for any possible problems or damage caused to any of your equipment or for the loss of any stored data.Please do not download if you do not agree with these terms.

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