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15 February 2013

Alan Coxon’s Ale-Gar™ approved

Photo: © childsdesign
Rich and dark in colour with flavour delivering hints of chocolate,
cinnamon and roasted malt, Ale-Gar™ is quite unique.

After ten years of development and research, Alan Coxon has created a condiment that is like no other.
The closest resemblance could be to balsamic vinegar, but Ale-Gar™ exceeds all expectations with its exceptional taste and versatility in
the kitchen.

Alan Coxon’s recipe uses chocolate stout malt which is then fermented over oak to bring out the full flavour and smoothness. It is then stored and allowed to mature to round off the flavour. There is no harshness at all – it could be enjoyed sipped straight from the bottle!

Ale-Gar™ has been used extensively in the AFT Kitchen, in everything from oriental stir-fries to meat marinades, all to great effect. Our favourite use though, was to make a reduction and drizzle this over slices of succulent roast duck. It has become almost difficult to resist the temptation to splash it on everything, leaving the soy and Worcester sauce to languish on the shelf.

We are pleased to give Alan Coxon ‘Artisan Food Trail Approved’ status for his Ale-Gar™ 

For more information about Alan Coxon visit his page on The Artisan Food Trail here

You can order from foodbyalancoxon.com

To read the full story about Alan Coxon’s Ale-Gar™ visit the page on his website here

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