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7 February 2013

Fragrant Coconut Chicken with Mustard Seeds

Photo: © childsdesign

The beauty of this recipe is that it makes a lot of sauce. We reckon it will do six people generously and although the recipe is for four you could increase or reduce the amount of chicken to suit. Allow two chicken thighs per person but always make the full quantity of sauce. Once the chicken has been scooped out and eaten you can freeze for use on another occasion.

Just defrost and then warm through with more chicken or something different, such as prawns or fish.
This recipe uses fresh curry leaves but if you do have difficulty in obtaining them, then use dried, although fresh is best. You can find them in most Indian stores and, dare we say it, in a supermarket whose name begins
with ‘M’!

Chilli tip: We deseeded our chillies for a milder flavour but if you like it hot, leave the seeds in or use more chillies – it’s up to you.

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