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21 August 2015

Pitch to the Experts to receive help in approaching retail buyers

The Artisan Food Trail has put together a panel of experts that could help you get that ‘leg-up’ with your food business.
Pitch to the Experts is a competition where the winning food business will receive up to a total of £10,000 worth of expert advice and help from the 10 members of the panel.

We’d like to introduce each of the panel members individually to give you a better understanding of their businesses and how they could help you.
There are also details of the prize they are offering to the Pitch to the Experts winner.

Today we introduce Fresh Perspective, helping you to be more successful when approaching retail buyers…

Understanding how buyers think is crucial for getting and keeping your products on the shelves of your chosen customers and Hazel Stride from Fresh Perspective is an expert in knowing how buyers think, how to approach them and successfully get your products listed.

Have you experienced the following?

  • You find it difficult engaging with retail buyers
  • You hit a wall of silence when following up on leads you have from the trade shows
  • You have a successful first meeting with the buyer only to never hear from them again

If you can answer yes to any of these questions then read on…

Fresh Perspective is the only specialist consultancy that provides insight with the authority of having actually worked for two of the UK’s largest multiple retailers. They specialise in advising FMCG blue chip and artisan food producers on how to win with their retail customers.

Hazel Stride founded Fresh Perspective after identifying the need for businesses to think and talk like their customers enabling them to be more successful in getting, keeping and growing their business in the retail market.

Having sat on the ‘dark side’ of the desk for many years as a buyer for one of the UK’s largest retailers, Hazel has seen the good, bad and ugly of companies trying to sell their products.

With this knowledge Hazel guides companies on their route to market offering unique insight into what it is like to be a buyer, how to pitch your offer to engage with your audience, negotiation skills and lots more.

Hazel has spent all her career in the food industry and has a rare ability to understand the whole supply chain from ‘plough to plate’.

She has worked with some established branded and private label manufacturers that include Weetabix and Müller Dairy and in addition she has recently spent time working with the food team at Selfridges helping to launch their new range of ‘Selfridges Selection’ products.

Fresh Perspective is delighted to be working in collaboration with the Artisan Food Trail and each of the panel of experts to provide a truly unique and valuable prize, which can help you and your business be more successful.

The Prize

  • Pitch your product to Hazel in a ‘safe’ environment as if you were delivering your pitch to a ‘buyer’ and get the all-important feedback. Hazel will then work with you to build on and improve your approach so you are ready to tackle the ‘real thing’.

Web: www.fresh-perspective.co.uk
Email: info@fresh-perspective.co.uk
Tel: 07836 352068
Twitter: @HazelFreshP
Linkedin: http://uk.linkedin.com/in/hazelstride

For more information about the Pitch to the Experts competition read our article where you will also find the links to submit your pitch to win up to £10,000 worth of help and advice for your food business.

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